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Pergolas Bradenton FL

A Pergolas is an open ceiling structure backed by columns or pillars. A pergola could be used in an outdoor living area to cover a passageway or provide filtered shade. With a patio roof, the term pergola has come to be used in various contexts.

Pergolas are often confused with arbors (“arbors”), and synonymous terms are often used. The arbor is usually regarded as a wooden bench seat with a canopy, traditionally covered by lattice panels that provide a climbing framework for the vine.

We are the Pergolas Bradenton FL experts.

Pergolas Bradenton FL

A pergola, on the other hand, is a much larger and more open arrangement that does not normally include an integral table.

They were initially used more for walkways and styles of use in agriculture, such as fruit growing and plant growing. A pergola is a backyard feature that forms a shaded walkway, tunnel or dining area with diagonal posts or pillars normally supporting a cross-beam roof structure and a robust open frame.

We are the Pergolas Bradenton FL experts in Florida and surrounding areas.

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